Jim Ellis

Jim is a founding Director of Agile Talent and proudly partners with some of the globes most iconic technology brands sourcing top executives for their teams, and also running an extensive IT contracting book. His search work focuses on regional leadership teams and a full range of functional and technical roles.  In recent times, Jim has become the recruiter of choice for emerging technologies, niche requirements and also helping global brands build a presence in APAC. Many of his clients consider him as an extension of their business.

Kim McCarthy

IT Leadership and Sales is my speciality.  I’ve spent the last decade mapping out ‘who’s who’ across ANZ and Singapore in these positions.  Along with introducing you to the right people I offer complimentary consulting along the way with deep insights into creating competitive compensation plans and other ways to attract unattainable talent.  Prior to recruiting, I spent 15 years selling and implementing enterprise software giving me a unique perspective.  I’ve helped create high performing leadership and sales teams for global giants such as those in the ‘Big 5’ right down to building teams from the ground-up in successful start-ups that have turned into ‘Tech Unicorns’.  All my customers are highly referenceable.